Muhammad Shahid

Muhammad Shahid
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Muhammad Shahid
District Coordinator
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Feb 28,2017
Forest Department
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1- Certified copy of plantation policy for the year 2017 in Dist. Toba Tek Singh. 2- Certified copy of areas in Dist. Toba Tek Singh where plantation will be made by forest department during year 2017. 3- Certified copy of what is the total target of plantation during 2017 in Dist. Toba Tek Singh? 4- Certified copy of total number of plantation in Dist. Toba Tek Singh from January 2017 to 1st March 2017 and list of areas where plantation is made.
Law Reffered
Punjab Transparency and RTI Act 2013
Appellate Body
Punjab Information Commission
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Appellate Body Complaint
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Status Appellate Body Complaint

Description Complaint lodged with Punjab Information commission.
Dated Mar 21,1717